A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

Signs Your Child Needs To See A Children's Dental Care Specialist

While a family dentist can often meet the needs of your child, sometimes your child needs a children's dental care specialist to come to their aid instead. These specialists have additional training in dental care or in working with children of various ages and abilities and can make your child's oral health much better. Your child can continue to see a general dentist while also seeing a dental care specialist, or they can switch solely to a children's dental care specialist for all their oral health needs.

Here are signs your child may benefit from this additional dental care. A referral may be required to get into seeing a children's dental care specialist, so ask your child's dentist about a referral if any of the following apply to your child.

Your child has severe global developmental or sensory delays.

If your child has sensory or global developmental delays, then they may benefit from seeing a children's dental care specialist over a traditional dentist. This is because your child may have swallowing issues or have a more difficult time with sensations in their mouth. A global developmental delay may cause your child to have poorer hygiene than other children their age because of both emotional and physical limitations, so more advanced dental care may be necessary to help them thrive.

Your child has an oral birth defect.

An oral birth defect may leave your child needing advanced oral care when they get dental work done, especially if the oral defect can cause issues with breathing and eating, or can affect tooth and jaw development as your child grows. A children's dental care specialist can help your child receive the care they need so they can feel confident in their smiles, and even though their birth defect makes their oral health a little more delicate, they can thrive.

Your child needs facial reconstruction.

If your child needs to have any facial reconstruction due to an injury, birth defect, or illness, and it affects their smile, then a children's dental care specialist may be required to assist. These specialists can help with dental care so your child can have their surgeries and maintain a healthy smile throughout. Your child may need dental work redone as their face matures, so keep this in mind when choosing a children's dental care specialist in your area.

Your child may need a dental care specialist for other reasons as well, which is something their current dentist can discuss with you. You may have more than one child who will benefit from a children's dental care specialist.

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