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6 Dental Problems That Could Be Solved by a Root Canal

Dental problems can significantly detract from your quality of life. That's why it's so important to have them taken care of promptly. The root canal procedure can solve a variety of different dental problems that you might be experiencing.

The following are six dental problems that could be solved by a root canal.

Pain in your tooth that won't go away

By far the most common and unpleasant sign that a root canal is needed is the pain due to the affected tooth. Patients need root canals when they have a tooth that is decaying so badly that the infection is reaching down to their dental pulp. This is what causes the pain that indicates something is wrong and a root canal may be necessary. If you're having severe pain, a root canal might be the only way to resolve the issue. 

Swelling in the gums

Sometimes, the need for a root canal is indicated by swelling in the gums. This typically happens along with pain in the affected tooth. Swollen gums are caused by acidic waste that is produced from the pulp tissue that is dying within the tooth due to the infection. Swelling in the gums may appear like a small boil. In some cases, this boil might start to ooze out pus as the infection gets worse. 

Abnormally severe sensitivity to temperature extremes in your teeth

Patients who need root canals often feel sharp discomfort or sensitivity when their affected tooth is exposed to very hot or cold foods. This can make it more difficult for a patient to enjoy the foods they like. 

Teeth that are becoming discolored

Sometimes, a tooth that needs a root canal starts to appear discolored. Most commonly, a tooth that needs a root canal will start to look grayish. However, it's also possible for a tooth that needs a root canal to develop a brownish or yellowish tint. 

Movement in a tooth

A tooth that needs a root canal might start to feel loose. It can be very alarming for a patient to experience a loosening tooth because this creates concerns that the tooth may fall out completely. If you notice that a tooth is loose, it's essential to get the underlying issues taken care of right away. 

Presence of an abscess in the jawbone

In severe cases, patients who need a root canal might start to develop an abscess in the jawbone. This happens because the bone is not able to grow around the infected area of the dental pulp. An abscess can become apparent when a dentist performs an X-ray on a patient. 

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