A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

Dental Treatments For Correcting Common Cosmetic Problems

If you have concerns about the appearance of your smile, it can be a major drag on your overall sense of self-confidence. Yet, you might not take advantage of the various options that may help you with correcting this cosmetic problem.

Repair Visibly Damaged Teeth

Individuals will often have dental damage that can lead to serious cosmetic concerns. For example, severe chips and cracks can make it difficult for you to smile without showing this dental damage. While dental crowns are commonly used to address serious structural issues with teeth, these cosmetic damages may not warrant this type of procedure. In this situation, dental bonding can be used to restore the shape of the tooth.

Correct Stains

Serious staining is another problem that can commonly lead to individuals feeling uncomfortable with their smile. Removing deep staining usually requires professional treatment for effective removal. In many instances, the staining can be completely eliminated with a single whitening session. Particularly serious staining will likely require multiple sessions in order to achieve the shade of white that will look the best for your smile.

Adjust Gum Lines

The shape of your gum line will be another important factor for the quality of your smile. However, many individuals can have gum lines that either rise too high or drop too low. These patients may want to undergo gum contouring to have these issues addressed so that they will have a more natural and attractive appearing gum line. This can help to address cosmetic issues while also reducing the risk of decay and gum disease. The specific contouring needs of each patient will vary, so a thorough evaluation will be needed. The cosmetic dentist will be able to evaluate the effects of this treatment for you as well as the particular steps that will need to be taken. While patients may expect a mild amount of discomfort from this procedure, the results can last for the rest of their lives.

Close Gaps

Gaps between the teeth can be another common cosmetic concern for patients. When a person has these gaps between their teeth, they may assume that traditional braces will be required. However, it can be possible for gaps to be closed with removable retainers. In addition to being far more comfortable and convenient than traditional braces, these retainers will also be much more discrete so that you will not have to worry about individuals noticing them when you smile.

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A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

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