A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

Tips For Improving Your Healing Experience After Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

Having your wisdom teeth removed is a rite of passage for many young adults. Thankfully, this means that dentists and oral surgeons have a lot of experience with the procedure. However, it doesn't make wisdom teeth removal less painful or less prone to complications. 

To ensure you heal well after your surgery and have the least amount of pain, follow each of these important tips:

Tip: Avoid Actions Leading To Painful Dry Socket

Don't drink through straws or use mouthwash in the days following your wisdom teeth surgery. These otherwise dental-friendly actions can dislodge the blood clot where your teeth were removed and lead to a painful condition known as dry socket.

In addition, if you lay flat in bed, then the blood pressure in your head and neck increases, and this can also lead to a dry socket or other complications. In the days after your surgery, prop up your head while you sleep to prevent issues.

Tip: Proactively Take Your Pain Medication

Wisdom teeth removal surgery is major oral surgery, and your dentist will write you a prescription for pain medication to take during the week following your surgery. Rather than trying to tough it out unless you absolutely need to take the medication, take it as prescribed and don't skip or delay doses. This is important because if you wait until you have pain, then it will be a lot harder to get under control than if you had just taken the medication as prescribed in the first place.

Tip: Use Only Ice and Never Heat for Post Wisdom Tooth Extraction Pain

In addition to pain medication, you can help reduce your pain by using ice packs. Wrap an ice pack in a thin towel to prevent frostbite burns and apply it to the outside of your mouth where you feel the most pain. If you are tempted to use a heating pad, this isn't a good idea. Heat will increase the blood flow to the area, and can increase the swelling and pain. 

Tip: Have Your Surgery Performed by a Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery Specialist

In conclusion, it's important to mention you should have your surgery performed by a local oral surgeon or dentist who is a wisdom teeth removal specialist. Working with a professional who has lots of experience will always give you a better recovery because your jaw and mouth will have less trauma. 

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