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Will A Cosmetic Dentist Refund Your Money If The Implant Fails?

Dental implants have a high success rate, up to 98 percent. They do fail to take hold for a variety of reasons, though, including disease and issues with osseointegration. When an implant fails, will the cosmetic dentist refund your money? It depends on the person's service policy. Here's how many professionals in the industry handle this eventuality.

Redo Rather Than Refund

If the dental implant failed for a manageable reason, dentists typically prefer to redo the procedure. For instance, if you develop peri-implantitis due to a bacterial infection, the dentist will typically treat the problem and place the implant again once it's safe to do so. On the other hand, if the implant failed for a reason that can't be fixed or overcome, the dentist may work out a deal where some of or all the money you paid towards the implant would be applied to a different dental procedure (e.g. partial dentures).

This is likely because a lot of time and money has already been invested in the tooth replacement process. Cosmetic dentists would prefer to see their clients receive the product they paid for. Additionally, like professionals in any other industry, they also want to avoid losing their entire investment in the procedure.

However, there are times when a cosmetic dentist may refund a patient's money for a failed implant. Generally, this will occur in cases where the dentist's actions (or failure to act) caused the failure.

Some Restrictions Apply

It's important to note that, regardless of why the implant failed, most cosmetic dentists limit how long patients have to return to get a failed implant fixed. Some professionals will guarantee the work for the first year, for example, and correct the problem for free during that time if something goes awry. After the first year, the dentist may charge a significantly reduced price, such as 50 percent the rate, to replace the implant.

Additionally, the dentist will typically require you to follow the aftercare instructions to the letter. If the implant failed because you didn't take care of the site as required, your oral care routine was poor (e.g. you didn't brush every day), or you engaged in unhealthy habits like smoking known to interfere with implant integration, then you may be required to get the implant fixed on your own dime.

As noted previously, each cosmetic dentist has their own policy regarding this issue. Be sure this is one of the issues you discuss with the professional before getting implants to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on. For more information about dental implants, contact a cosmetic dentist or visit websites like

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