A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

4 Dental Tips To Get You Through Cold And Flu Season

As the winter weather arrives, so do cold and flu seasons. Cold and flu season can cause you to miss work or school. When you are sick, all you want to do is spend your days lying in bed, coughing, sneezing, and feeling bad. While you may not feel like doing much during this time, you must not neglect your oral health. Here are a few tips for maintaining dental health while recovering from your illness. Read More 

Dental Crowding: Oral Health Consequences And Treatment Options

Crowded teeth can develop from bite malocclusions, thumb sucking, genetics, cleft palates, and poor oral hygiene practices. Other potential causes of overcrowded teeth include tooth loss due to trauma and advancing age due to changes in the shape of your jaw. Here are some oral health consequences of dental crowding and some effective treatment options. Oral Health Consequences Overcrowded teeth can raise your risk for dental decay and gum disease. When teeth are too close together you may be unable to brush away plaque before it turns into cavity-causing calculus. Read More 

Teeth Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Everyone dreams of having a beautiful set of pearly white teeth. However, having white teeth requires commitment and consistency. Many cosmetic procedures can be avoided by exercising proper oral hygiene. Here are some common teeth cleaning mistakes you must avoid for strong and healthy teeth.  Failing to Replace Your Toothbrush According to the American Dental Association, you should change your toothbrush every three to four months. Old toothbrushes have broken or frayed bristles that don't clean your mouth effectively. Read More 

How To Choose The Ideal Family Dentist

A trustworthy and reliable family dentist allows you to enjoy consistent, excellent dental care. Besides, you form a lifelong relationship with your family dentist if you settle for the right one. This article explores the top factors to consider when choosing a potential family dentist. Convenience Regular dental visits are crucial for your health. So, location should be among the first considerations before you settle on a family dentist. First, inspect how far you would travel for dental services. Read More 

Dental Bridges: What Are They For And Do You Need One?

Have you heard your dentist talk about dental bridges in the past? Is this a dental procedure you have considered for yourself, or one you wonder if you need to have done? While your dentist is the best resource for information regarding your dental needs, staying informed via reading will help you learn what types of questions and concerns to bring up the next time you visit the dentist. What are dental bridges for and do you need one? Read More 

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A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

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