A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

What You Should Know About Cavities & Bacteria

It is amazing how a small hole in a single molar tooth can cause so much pain. However, it is something that many people deal with on a daily basis due to tooth decay from not brushing frequently enough. The worst aspect of having a cavity is that it makes it a lot easier for your gums to become infected by bacteria. The reason is that when a cavity is deep, bacteria can easily get into the pulp area of a tooth and cause problems. Browse the remainder of this article to learn more about bacteria, molar cavities, and the dental treatment that is needed to resolve the problem.

Bacteria Can Cause Oral Health Damage Fast

A mistake that can easily be prevented by brushing your teeth on a regular basis is the development of problems from bacteria exposure. The first that bacteria usually attacks is the gums, such as by causing them to become infected. The worst form of gum disease can actually cause your teeth to fall out due to weak jawbones. When you have cavities from plaque building up on your teeth, bacteria can get into them and cause a dental abscess to form. A dental abscess is a serious oral health problem because the pus inside of it can harm your body due to being toxic.

A Dental Abscess Might Require a Root Canal

If you are dealing with a dental abscess, it is likely causing a great amount of pain. A dentist can treat the problem by drain the pus out of the abscess, as well as via a root canal. What a root canal involves is a drill being used to make a hole that makes the pulp area of your tooth easy to access. The dentist will then proceed to use other tools to scrape out any diseased pulp that is present. The abscess can be drained via the root canal as well, but it isn't the only draining method that is used by dentists.

Fillings & Crowns Are Ideal for Large Cavities

After you get a root canal, a dentist must then get rid of the hole in your tooth. He or she will basically fill it in with a resin material, which comes in various colors based on price and how well you want it to blend with your natural enamel. A dental crown might need to be placed on the tooth after it has been filled. The crown is ideal for strengthening the enamel, such as if it is thin due to the cavity being large.

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A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

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