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Dental Conditions That May Require A Root Canal

When a root canal is performed, the nerve and pulp under the tooth is removed. Then, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and the tooth is sealed in place. There are times when a root canal treatment is the only option and it can provide a great deal of relief to the patient. These are some of the conditions that commonly require a root canal.

Tooth Abscess

When a patient suffers from severe tooth pain that cannot be relieved, this may be a sign that a root canal is necessary. This often means that there is infection under the tooth where the pulp is found and an abscess may have formed.

The tooth may also be especially sensitive to hot or cold foods and drinks and sweets as well. When the root canal is performed, the abscess is removed along with the pulp and nerve. This normally relieves both the tooth pain and  the tooth sensitivity.

Tooth Injury 

An injury to the tooth can also cause trauma that must be treated with a root canal. If the patient receives trauma to the face or jaw, this may cause the nerve endings under the tooth to become severely damaged. When this occurs, the soft tissues of the tooth may begin to die and this can result in infection of the gum or even tooth loss.

During the root canal, the damaged nerve endings and tissues are removed to prevent any further damage to the tooth. If a person suffers an injury to his teeth, this should always be checked by a dentist. It is not uncommon for the tooth to look strong and healthy even when there is severe trauma  in the nerves and tissue under it.

Deep Cavities 

If the patient does not practice proper dental hygiene, this can lead to the formation of deep cavities under the teeth. When this is not treated, the pulp of the tooth becomes inflamed and eventually the tissues under the tooth will begin to decay. The only way to treat this is by performing a root canal to remove the decayed tissue and damaged nerves so that the surrounding gum remains healthy.

Having a root canal performed can also prevent the need for having a tooth extracted. While the pulp and the nerves help the teeth more easily detect sensations to hot and cold, they are not needed for the teeth to continue to chew and bite properly and remain healthy.

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A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

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