A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

3 Benefits of Dental Bonding

Has your front teeth been chipped for many years and now you are ready to bring them back to a satisfactory condition? Although there are a few different options available for repairing chipped teeth, you might want to consider dental bonding because of the benefits. This article will give you information about dental bonding that can give you a better idea of why it is a good option.

Dental Bonding Is Not a Painful Procedure

The best benefit for dental bonding is that no anesthesia will be necessary because you won't experience any pain during the process. The reason for the procedure being so painless is due to none of the nerves being agitated with dental tools to complete the bonding process such as with dental veneers and implants. The only area of your teeth that will be worked on is the enamel. Basically, the dentist will slightly roughen the enamel of your teeth up, which will lead to a little enamel loss, and then a resin will be bonded to your teeth that look natural. Due to the natural appearance, no one will notice that dental bonding was done unless you specifically point it out.

The Results of the Procedure Does Not Take Long

Unlike cosmetic procedures for dental veneers and implants, bonding can be done in a much faster manner. You are not looking to spend no more than an hour in the dental clinic for your chipped teeth to be fixed with bonding. Sometimes the procedure can take as little as only half of an hour to get done. However, you the procedure can take longer depending on how many teeth are being repaired, so the overall amount of time will be based on your needs. Even with getting bonding done to more than once tooth, it is still a faster procedure than some of the other options.

You Can Eat What You Desire

When your chipped teeth are repaired with the dental bonding resin, they will be strong enough to bite down into any kind of food that you desire. As long as you are a good candidate for the procedure, you should not worry about the resin breaking off. One of the things that would make you a good candidate is if your chipped teeth are not chipped in large amounts, as there must be a sufficient amount of healthy enamel left for the resin to bond to. Speak to a dentist about undergoing dental bonding for your chipped teeth as soon as you are able to.

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A Healthy Smile Is Important for a Great Overall Appearance

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